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DS Massage

My name is David Shearlaw, I have been working since 2007
as a qualified sports therapist / sports masseur.

Gine Shearlaw has been a sports masseuse since 2014, weight consultant and sports nutritionist.

Sports massage stands for a fairly firm massage. because of this
specific complaints such as back pain, stuck shoulders, neck complaints and
trigger points in your muscles.

You recognize complaints such as heel spur, Achilles tendon, knee and shin problems, feel free to make an appointment.

Maintenance of the body is an important thing to keep your body healthy and fit.


Sports massage

Dry needling


Deep tissue massage

Trigger point

Relaxation massage

Hot-stone massage

Chair massage


We are ready to treat you on a professionally way.

David Shearlaw


Prices David

half hour € 15,--

1 hour € 25,--

Prices Gine

relaxation- and hot-stone massage

half hour € 12,50

1 hour € 22,50

Together a hotstone - or relax massage?

That is possible!

2 persons 1 hour € 40

Mindful Walking

We have five senses: to see, hear, smell, taste and feel.,
but we are not always aware of this. With the help of this mindfulness
exercises we will practice while walking.

Awareness of the
outside world and thereby you take the focus off walking and you prevent
that you get turned inside yourself and only focus on your speed, for example,
condition or any thoughts that are in your head. You become aware of it.
Here and Now and you can therefore fully enjoy everything you hear, see, smell
and feel.

During Mindful Walking, the NOW is always there.

And it would be a shame if you miss it.

As soon as possible we start with this course.

David Shearlaw


Healthy & Fit without any diet

I do not work with
shakes, diets or dietary supplements.

We know that the
solution is within you and we also know that you have to look for it there. I focus on the difficulties in someone's diet and I do that on a positive

Everything is allowed!

However, you learn to make new choices in the field of food and health.

Adequate sports and physical activity , to go to bed on time and enough relaxation together with
good food for feeling good. 

For a fit and healthy body you can
not sit on your couch whole day. 

You have to do something for that!

Mail or call us for a free consultation.

Gine Shearlaw

Qualified weight consultant, sports nutritionist and sports masseuse